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Goddesses | Lanier Graham (издание 1997 года на английском языке)

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Female deities of all types and temperaments, from around the world and throughout history. Since time immemorial, artists have created impassioned images of the goddess as the ultimate generator and destroyer of life, as fertility figure, and as ruler of love and war. Encompassing a variety of media sculpture, painting, photography, performance art, and film Goddesses also provides an enlightening text exploring all her many guises.
  • 250 illustrations
  • 245 in full color
  • 288 pages 4 x 4"
Published 1997 world is now being taught in Western colleges and universitie no small change. If the goddess had been so important for most of human history, why did she disappear in the West? The reasons are complex, but one of the most important is that a few thousand years ago many goddess-oriented civilizations were destroyed by extremely aggressive Indo-European tribes. They demolished the old cities and then reconfigured civilization throughout most of the settled world from Greece to India.

These barbarians worshiped aggressive sky gods and had scant room in their theology for goddesses; to them, women were little more than property and sexual objects. Not only did male gods become supreme, but females lost their sacredness, in a dramatic turning-around in human history that my friend Joseph Campbell called the «patriarchal inversion». It was even argued by some fathers of the early Christian Church in Rome that women had no souls. Twentieth-century men have at last started to realize that when males lost their reverence for that which is female, they also lost something within themselves. The goddess, in numerous manifestations, still plays a central role in Taoism and Hinduism, which are the oldest of the great world religions of today. Together with Buddhism, these polytheistic religions have been described collectively as «religions of the earth». Their roots go back tens of thousands of years. They have never severed their connectedness with the primordial reality of Mother Earth, the Great Goddess whose body is the earth.

The Great Goddess, as well as many other goddesses, has always been central to these earth-oriented traditions. The newer of the great world religionsJudaism, Christianity, and Islam have been described collectively as «religions of the sky». These religions took shape not during the Stone or the Bronze Age but during the Iron Age, when men dominated the societies of Europe and the Near East. These three religions are monotheistic. In their view, there is only one God, and he is male. There are female saints and angels with female qualities, but there are no Judaic, Christian, or Islamic goddesses that are worshiped as divine in their own right instead of as aspects of God. The Great Goddess was there at the beginning of these three spiritual traditions, but then she disappeared...
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